So having spent a fair bit of time mulling over the Muscle Kat build – and studying internet posts. I have decided I’m going to spoil the frame powder coating and invest the effort now to get the frame braced. for further details. However, rather than go with the box section in the  middle triangle, I decided that tubing would look better.

So frame, some TL1000s forks, bandit wheels and swing arm, Ohlins, and discs and brake callipers have been delivered to  Cambridge Motorcycles and left in the hands of Spike – mission one is to get to a rolling chassis.

Here’s where we were up to when I visited on Saturday.


Spike has left the front section bracing for now until we get the tank on the frame to check clearance.

We’ve also noted that the TL1000S forks have lock stop lugs – so we can weld in a couple of lock stops to allow us to remove some more frame boxing around the head stock – that is there only to provide a point for some rubber mounted lock stops used with the original forks.

I should have the finished rolling chassis back before Christmas – we can then start think about a dry build, lug removal and what the next steps should be.

Food for thought …