So under the influence of a few vino’s while surfing eBay while in Filey with the family – I come across a basket case GSX750 frame, GSX1100 motor, and a selection of bits that “allegedly” make up a full original Katana 1100! A speculative bid later and I am amazed I have won the auction.

The advert said, “This will be a good buy for anyone with the time and enthusiasm to rebuild it, it has a freshly powder coated frame, swingarm and wheels. Front and rear ends are 1200 Bandit with the swingarm properly modded to twinshock. It also benefits from Ohlins rear shocks, flatslide carbs, Harris exhaust, and Raask rearsets Stock footrests are also present, as are the stock front and rear ends with girling shocks[not pictured but in good condition. Everything was working perfectly when stripped including the engine which runs very nicely. I can guarantee that all parts are there except for the chain and front tyre. The bodywork is solid and straight but has minor damage and would benefit from a respray.”

A week later and in the cold light of day, having collected everything, I have:

  • GSX750 Katana import frame powder coated black
  • GSX1100 engine complete
  • GSX1260 barrels
  • Spare GSX1100 crank
  • Spare GSX1100 heads and cams
  • GSXR750 slab side TM33 bank of carbs
  • Period Harris exhaust
  • All fairing panels, lights, electrics etc
  • 2 seat units
  • Original suspension and Ohlins suspension
  • Orinal forks and Bandit forks (polished)
  • Rask Reasets
  • Original Wheels and tyres
  • Bandit wheels and GSX750 slab side wheels powder coated black
  • Nissan 4-pots and original callipers and brakes
  • Metchamex swing arm and original swing arm
  • Bandit swing arm converted to twin shock and powered coated
  • Enough bolts, spacers, spindles to not be able to find the bolt you are looking for

In truth, I have a selection of parts from the original bike, Bandit, and GSXR 750. It basically filled a Range Rover with rear seats down.

So the aim is to turn this lot …..


…. into this – or something similar in any case.

I shall try to keep the blog up to date as I go along.