TL1000S forks mated to the frame with Bandit 1200 swingarm, wheels & brakes. Thanks to Cambridge Motorcycles who have done the work thus far. David ‘Spike’ Abraham working his magic as usual!


There’s still loads and loads of work to do. To complete the rolling chassis alone:

  • Rear brake and torsion arm
  • Dry fit everything and then de-lug what’s not required.
  • Clipons
  • Weld lugs and fit rearsets
  • Front and Rear brake master cylinder
  • Braided hoses
  • Finish frame bracing to headstock
  • Buy a TL front fender
  • Inner bearing tubes

Then we can take it all apart again and send it off for powder coating.

So just in the interests of getting a feel for things I offered up the Seat etc…


So to my eyes .. that has lots of potential!