Blimey – what a pain in the arse large weighty engine blocks are. There was no way in this world I could have done that by myself. So big thumbs up to Neil who stopped by to eat Haggis, drink whisky, and curse with me as we attempted to mate the engine to the frame with a hangover.

In the end, we had to take the cam covers off as the bracing added to the frame just, and I mean just, gets in the way. The half centimeter taking the covers off really makes a difference. It then required us to remove the swing arm and forks, lay the engine on its side, and lower the frame over the engine. The oil needed changing anyway – it escapes quickly when there’s a gaping hole to pour through :0)

Next challenge was getting the swing arm back in, and tougher still the forks. Although it helped just luring the bike on its side again.

So – we are missing one RHS engine mounting plate, and the two bottom plates will need making up.

Definitely starting to look more the part.