I rather like working on bikes. That is as long as that does not involve fiddly or plain complicated! Carbs and electrics do come under those categories.

So in heroic efforts of procrastination I have continued to bolt bits together, test fit, grind frame lugs, and have added brakes, under tray, seat catch, rear light and have started to worry that I can no longer procrastinate!!

Under tray from Lucky 7 – another front plate to fit, but requires more lug removal.

IMG_7429.jpgReally does tidy up that rear end no end!

Accossato front master cylinder, Goodridge hoses, and a set of 4 pot Nissan calipers will provide retard forces to the bike.IMG_7432.jpg

A little bit of Yoshimura was needed!

Piece by piece bit by bit by golly its coming together!