So this is what we started with:

At first look they didn’t look too bad .. and I considered just sticking them back on the bike.

However – on close inspection they were in dire need of a refurb.

The Carbs are all now separated – had to do battle with a damned cotterpin – it’s amazing that in a garage full of tools I do not have anything obviously just the right size to drive out a cotterpin. Anyhow in a true “Heath Robinson” moment I lopped the point off a panel pin, and it was a perfect fit. A couple of taps later and Carb 2 and 3 were free of each other.

All the rubber elements of the carbs are perished beyond reuse. To say they were manky is an understatement. If these carbs did any breathing in their former role, then they probably sounded like a 90 year old miner with a 60 a day Capston Full Strength habit!

Once each were free from the other, I can take my time with one at a time. So with the help of a mini mole grip to loosen stubborn screws, I dissembled into separate numbered bags, one carb in bits was placed into the loaned ultrasonic cleaner (thanks Neil). Well bugger me sideways with a broom shank – convinced it wasn’t doing anything I took the main carb body to the sink and watched as a bit of degreaser and tooth brush worked magic. Half an hour in the ultrasonic bath and the dirt is loosened well enough. The cleaner isn’t going to miraculously make old pitted metal look polished and new, but they do loosen things up that you can finish the job with a little water and degreaser.

Quite pleased with that result … before and after comparison.

Still the carb tops to paint and a bit of extra scrubbing of the connector rails, and I need some new float bowl tubing.  …I finally got round to painting!