First reports from Cambridge Motorcycles have been received – it is a stock internals motor judging by the reported power. It’s bang on the money where I assumed a stock motor would be on that dyno .. and the results ….. a rip snoring … don’t hold your breath … I’m quaking at the thought … I may wet myself … I may even have to wear a badge that says, “my other bike stole the over-run” …. a whole massive supernova 91 rwbhp :o) No idea what the torque curve looks like yet.

LOL – Last time I had a bike with less that 100 bhp I was racing a TZ250!  On the bright side … there’s room for improvement .. and it’s only had a quick run for baseline, and a couple twiddling sessions with the carbs :O)

So still a bit of fettling to go …. but actually, for the first time in my life I actually don’t give a flying fook right now! As long as it comes back rideable I’ll be happy. I didn’t put the bike back together with an idea it would be a bhp monster (this year anyhow). I want something to enjoy. I have in mind to get the bike handling first, worry about the power later. Something a little abused around the edges, is fine in my book. I like that fact actually. It’s not pristine – it’s back together on a budget and can still grab attention. I have really enjoyed the hours in the garage, really appreciate the work Cambridge Motorcycles have done so far. Long may it continue.

Some jobs still to go tomorrow down in the shop… but the bike will be ride-able this weekend (clock mounts, tax, insurance and MOT not withstanding) and then I can allow evolution to naturally happen – later this year when the weather starts turning again, and the bank balance recovers, we’ll see where we go.


Oh and insurance less than expected – fully declared mods, fully comp, £400 excess, £198 quid. That’ll do. Bike back tomorrow evening (Friday) – but I’m of out that night and  all day Saturday. So I reckon I’ll do the few small jobs Sunday morning (clock mounting & indicators), and hopefully get out and about on it on Sunday. Need to order a rocker cover gasket as we have a small weep there – but nothing to get in the way of a ride out on Sunday.