The Kat has a slight weep from the ignition cover. I’d noted it before but ignored until now. I asked Cambridge Motorcycles to have a quick look while it was there. There was the horrible metal putty being used to seal. The photo below was sent by Spike showing the engine had been down the road, probably smashed the outer cover and walloped the advance retard and crank end. Looks like they have fitted the wrong seal (not lipped) but that dent is worrying. Don’t fancy splitting cases right now – so we’ll try and extract the seal in situ and press in carefully. Fingers crossed that works.

Leaking seal.jpg

.. and the news is – new seal is sealing – so far. So financial disaster averted!  Fuelling sorted …. bike on it’s way back shortly. Insurance – check, MOT – check – Tax – check! No reason not to ride it on Sunday I guess!

Still not happy as that looks nasty – but don’t care -I’m still going to ride her. However in better news,  I took a look at the MOT document as I put it in the drawer! Interesting that the last time the bike saw an MOT station was in 2006. I suspect at some point during the year, it was dropped, and shoved in the corner of a garage. It was resold at some point, I assume as a project, and ended up in boxes. Either way, it’s been sitting around for nearly 10 years – feels good to breathe life back into the old girl.