Got up at 6am to go ride a pedal bike for 100 miles. Took one look at the rain and wind and thought sod it. So been busy in the garage this morning. Clock mount made. All bolts are checked and torqued up. Temporary ignition still in place .. really undecided how to deal with that. Cannot find an ignition barrel that fits the TL top yoke and doesn’t foul on the fairing bracket. Really don’t want to relocate the ignition but I may be forced into wiring in a keyless version.

Also, rear indicators are mismatched types so won’t fit satisfactorily. So I’ll procrastinate on that front as well for now. … they can be ignored for this weekend and I’ll have a cuppa char and do some internet shopping.

I’ve decided I’ll machine the TL spacers and put in the mechanical speedo drive. Again a job that can wait for now.

Nothing to stop me going for a shakedown run … now sat looking at the sky and checking BBC weather. GoPro is charged. All we need is for this  damn rain to stop. It’s sod’s law isn’t it … if it was only drizzle I’d just go for it. But it’s bucketing down!


Finally got to ride the bike … late afternoon, rain had stopped, and the roads dried.  Wooohoo!

Had to have a bath to warm up and clear the smell of oil!  “Bit of a weep from the cam cover”, said Cambridge Motorcycles. “Will need a new gasket”. Pulled up at home after about 10 miles shakedown. Garage filled with smoke :0) Better get a rocker cover gasket ordered me thinks!

Impressions from the ride were – Lean on the pilot – so lots of carb popping on just cracked throttles. It’s short geared. Could easily have pulled full revs in 5th!

Not that fast I thought – but I found you need to wind on and then twist the throttle so far round to get all the fuel flowing. Makes a big difference. Short action throttle would help :o)

Brakes still bedding in – a couple of wooooah! moments!

Geometry is fine – stable as. Front needs twiddling – we’ll start with a wee bit more oil I reckon. Spring is a good weight. Could do with a bit of compression damping – but more oil perhaps will sort that. Back feels fine on those ohlins.

Overall – Bit of a TVR of a motorcycle really. Very visceral. Some work to make it sorted – but get that gasket sorted and it’ll be fine to ride. Quite agricultural at the moment – needs a bit of refining.

Oh .. must trim that fairing round the forks as it’s just catching -which makes for interesting slow speed handling – imagine a steering damper wound up to full!