New throttle fitted – 1/4 turn makes a huge difference. WFO available with little movement and effort and great to not have to twist, adjust, twist more to get full throttle.

Each time I ride the bike it opens up at bit more – standing 10 years I guess it just needs a bit of ragging to help loosen things up.

On the downside the bike is still weeping oil from the cam cover. A quick check last night showed that a couple of the bolts weren’t nipped up. However, tightening hasn’t solved the weep this morning on the way into work. So definitely need a new gasket – will get the cam cover off and have a good look first – there could be a bit of grit or dirt I guess sat between the gasket and the metal. Always worth a check.

The other seal behind the advance retard is still weeping as well. Doesn’t seem as bad as before – but not fully solved. That is a bigger PITA! A longer ride would help decide whether I can live with that for the summer or whether I need to drop the engine and split cases. Can’t do a longer ride until the cam cover is done.

Another photo – just because I like looking at the old girl  – Damned good looking bikes Katanas IMHO – especially grey, silver and black ones :0)