The crank end oil leak appears to be “mostly” solved, now that I’ve put some miles on the bike. However (there’s always an however isn’t there!) I suspect that I have a weep from the top gasket as well :o(

So what’s the alternatives with Cadwell approaching rapidly:

  • Take the bodywork off and clean around the top end and take a good look to see if I can find where the oil is coming from up top – go from there.
  • Strip and rebuild motor completely – biting the bullet
  • Buy the Dutch engine (for sale from OSS member) and swop out hoping it’s sound!
  • Buy a Bandit or GSXR1100 engine and swop for that.

S0 I’ve opted for the first option obviously! The other three options involved too much time and money. I  thoroughly cleaned all oil off to be sure – I didn’t find the source. There’s no obvious oil weeping, but it’s smoking from there. Couldn’t really get my head around it … ???

Neil, as usual, helped one sunny afternoon to seal the head with some gasket sealant – but that didn’t cure the smoking!


There’s other things on the list as well .. the bike is massively under geared .. reckon I need a couple of teeth on the front and a few off the back. I also need to get some bigger pilot jets sorted and into the carbs as it feels lean on a just cracked throttle.

Either way I have booked for Cadwell in July and I don’t think they’ll like a smoking GSX1100 engine – and boy it really does kick off some smoke when the heat builds up after a run. … so if she isn’t ready for that I’ll be renting a bike or begging, borrowing (but not stealing – natch) a bike from a mate to throw at the Cadwell roller coaster ride!