In a sudden eureka moment, late at night, and while thinking through the persistent oil smoke from the top end, I’ve cracked it.

The top of the engine has an oil breather and filter. Every time I ride the bike I end up caning her (The Kat is heavy at about 220 kgs and slow with only 91hp) and I reckon there’s oil being pressurised out of the breather at the top.

So I’ve fitted a length of tube so oil goes to a catch tank, and more importantly not on the engine! Well bugger me sideways – the smoking has stopped.

Cadwell is go!


The plan is to ride up with Neil on his TZR250, meet my brother there – he’ll be on his Supermoto Aprilia Dorsuduro thing – we’ll do the roundy roundy thing for two days with the Ixion mailing list, and then do the riding back on the evening of the second day.

In other news, the gearing is lengthened, and I’ve reached the end of the adjustment in the front suspension (even with heavier front springs in the TL1000 forks) – so we’ll just wind them up to full and live with it :o)