Picked up an 1100M engine earlier today … so the Kat will start to come back apart and then go back together with this in it. We can then take the engine out again and send it off for tuning.


We’ll approach this the same way as part one. I am sure there’s expense involved, but we should try to make do with parts available, we’ll get the engine in and see whether it works before we go any further.

My back has a bit of a way to go yet, so I am not even sure when I can start doing something with the engine but I reckon we’ll have this in the frame earlier 2017.

Before we get to putting the engine in the frame we have a few issues to resolve – there’s something up with the clutch. It needs an ignition cover, and there is a bolt snapped off around the shift shaft! Oh! and it has those bloody awful blue anodised bolts on the engine cover – they really do need to go :O)