Damned back … can’t really do anything … but sod it, time is moving on and I’ve hardly touched the Kat since Cadwell … need to get moving again!

There is only a couple of things I need to sort with the engine before I put the engine in the GSX frame.

  • While the engine looks to be in good nick I cannot bolt on the shift shaft support as the left-hand bolt was sheared off by the previous owner.
  • Those blue bolts need to go
  • It needs a bloody good clean

I’ve not had the cam cover off yet …. but the crank moves, and while the front exhaust ports look a little dirty inside with soot build up, the inlet ports actually look like they may have seen some light porting – looks like someone had tried to smooth off the inlet entry where the carb rubbers meet the head.

So ignition cover and gasket sourced. Also got a polished slave cylinder, and sprocket covers (with shift shaft support)