OK so it starts … the plan is:

  • Mount the GSXR1100M engine
  • Oil Cooler
  • Dyna2000 kit fitted.
  • Get some cheap carbs – possibly Bandit 1200 carbs.
  • Get the electrics sorted.
  • Fix the clutch push rod
  • That stripped bolt will be extracted,
  • Cut the old harris exhaust about for now.
  • Adjust chain run to accomodate a 520 chain and allow for a 180 tyre on the 5.5 rim

Stage one mount the engine – so that means fabricate some engine mounts. OSS has some details of mounts for GS frame – but in the end we just measured and cut. Measured many times, moved again measured some more.


The only other decision we took today was to make up some ali bushes for the front mounting points losing the rubber mounting bushes that come as standard on the GSXR1100M motor. Fingers crossed the engine is not too buzzy and transmits the vibes through the bike. It just seemed a shame to have invested loads in doing a braced frame only to build some flexibility at the front that may cause some torsional movement. Time will tell if it was the right decision. Placement seems good – gives 5 more mm for chain clearance and allows a 180 rear tyre. Though I am still worried about chain clearance around the swing arm even though we have allowed for the right geometry with the swing arm pivot and sprocket placement, I am not convinced that the chain will not foul the front of the swingarm. If that is the case, we’ll live with it for now, and later weld up a new section to shorten the wheelbase and adjust the swingarm pivot – there’s plenty of space to do that.

All the messing with positioning seems to be ideal from where I look at the bike, allowing coil positioning as is, carbs space for pod filters, and does not foul the pingle tap or fairings and tank. :o) The engine is shed loads lighter just from a wheeling the bike about …. so I am hopeful that will help with the slightly soft front spring rates on the forks. Nothing negative to report just yet :o)

Here’s some more pictures of the mounts.