• Mount the GSXR1100M engine
  • Oil Cooler
  • Dyna2000 kit  fitted – on back order
  • Get some cheap carbs – possibly Bandit 1200 carbs.
  • Get the electrics sorted.
  • Fix the clutch push rod
  • That stripped bolt will be extracted
  • Cut the old harris exhaust about for now.
  • Adjust chain run to accommodate a 520 chain and allow for a 180 tyre on the 5.5 rim

Another couple of days on … more skinned knuckles. Lower rear mounting point for the  engine have been fitted. We’ve removed the centre stand mounts, and fabricated the mounts and welded them in place.

I so want a Racefit legend, but we have what we have to work with until funds present themselves. So take one period Harris 4 – 1 exhaust from a GSX1100, moan constantly about the nickel coating as you start marking and cutting. Then moan again as the bastard thing doesn’t want to weld. So clean it up, and try again. Offer up, repeat, and keep going until you have something that roughly resembles the routing you want. Then take it apart and grind away at the now bloated and blue’d nickel coating and splattered welds. Then put it back together. Bloody well done Spike – another Cambridge Motorcycles win!


Stand back … If you squint you can convince yourself it’s almost the same run as a Racefit Legend :O) Anyhow … the headers are probably too wide, and the end pipe has to be way too restrictive … but fuggin’ hell it’s cheaper than buying a Racefit!!


BTW … we weighed the bike before. Wet the with GSX lump it was 210Kgs (110F, and 100R) … No oil and without fairing etc it is now 166kgs (84F 82R) … that’s going to be at least 20-25Kgs lighter by the time we finish. indications are good – better-balanced, more ground clearance, and a shed load more powerful. I’m drooling at the idea already.