• Mount the GSXR1100M engine
  • Oil Cooler
  • Dyna2000 kit fitted – on back order
  • Get some cheap carbs – possibly Bandit 1200 carbs.
  • Get the electrics sorted.
  • Fix the clutch push rod
  • That stripped bolt will be extracted
  • Cut the old harris exhaust about for now.
  • Adjust chain run to accommodate a 520 chain and allow for a 180 tyre on the 5.5 rim

So I’ve delivered some carbs to Cambridge Motorcycles. I swopped them for the set of flatslides I used with the aircooled motor (they are too small for my application). I was told they were from a Bandit 1200 Mk1, and we initially thought that was the case – turns out they are actually from a GSXR1100K – they’ll do for now until funds present money for a set of Mikuni RS38 (or RS36).

The postman delivered the Dyna2000 unit – brilliant. 3 further days late – but it got here :o)

Cambridge Motorcycles have added it and set the initial map etc – the bike is now up and running and they sent me a little vid.

So Saturday coming we’ll be dyno’ing and doing final set-up. Fingers crossed. After all this work it does appear the engine is a good one and there are no gremlins!!

[Fx] Shuffles off to do a little jig, spinning round three times, spitting on the dog, while crossing fingers and toes!

Dyno-estimates.PNGI’m bored at work .. so thought I’d have a quick check of how the change of engine affects power to weight – So assuming we’ll possibly get 120bhp and with the weight savings of 20Kgs wet weight that’s almost a 50% increase in power to weight – blimey more than I expected. However, factor in a 1216 and further weight saving (lighter exhaust and remaining de-lugging) and we are looking at almost a 90% increase. I reckon I should be able to feel that 🙂