Right I’ve ridden the bike a few times now that the insurance and DVLA [yawn] stuff has been done. My current insurer would not accept insurance with the increase in capacity. So I needed a re-quote. £40 more than last time – quite happy with that given it’s fully declared for all mods, and we’ve upped the power to weight by 40%. In fact, we could call that a win!

I stuck the baffles back in. Quite muted compared to sans baffles so I took them back out and drilled them to try and aid flow. Can’t say there’s a noticeable strangling of the engine going on now and it’s throaty, and more importantly way quieter! Pulls damned well actually – so I think we have a winner and they will stay in and I’ll be less likely to get collared for a rectification notice. Always a good thing in my book.

After checking bolts and a quick ride I attempted some suspension twiddling at the weekend. It is definitely going in the right direction as the bike rides much better than it did. The weight reduction has played havoc with the setup – prior to the engine swop, I’d say the bike was pretty much OK. It isn’t there now! More mileage on the bike is needed to think through the adjustments needed. For now the front it is still a non-compliant pogo stick even though the preload and compression have been backed off. More of the same needed perhaps? I think the safest bet is to measure sag etc. and go from there.

At the rear, the Ohlin shocks have too much rebound (can’t actually adjust them). I need to try and compensate by backing off the preload. It may bring it at least into range – at the moment it feels topped out and the back will kick off a bump, having little or no extension to give. Even if it could, it doesn’t react quickly enough. Most unnerving when mid-corner and driving hard. Not sure what my options are yet with that – a rebuild maybe to alter the rebound rate, but we’ll try the preload reduction first and go from there.

In other news, it dawned on me I have no temperature monitoring on the bike. So I have been looking at options and decided I would like to get a digital temperature gauge rather than the analogue options available. So the standard internet search we all do when looking for parts, became a bit of a mission. While a simple search revealed numerous digital options from a number of internet shopping sites, I’d rather have something that looks a little more quality. I came across the latest version of the  Yoshimura gauges – teh Pro-Gress 2 – now that does look quality. There’s two options available – the old style digital meter on the left, and a newer style Pro-Gress 2 on the right.

Yes … either of those would be lovely, with a definite preference for the latter. Unfortunately, neitehr are available it would seem. No amount of searching can find a UK dealer able to supply. Likewise, a European dealer who was offering the older models won’t accept orders outside his country! So I may be forced to order from Japan – unless any one out there can offer up an option? Just drop me a link in the comments section. That gauge on the right, the Yoshimura Pro-Gress 2 does look the ticket.