Well it’s been a bit of a journey trying to get the geometry correct. If you have been following the posts so far, you’ll know that the Kat handles surprisingly well, but was a little too land shark and low to the ground. So I purchased some fork extensions to lift the front by 25mm. This, of course, means the rear needs to be lifted somewhat to return the bike to a more aggressive angle that aids quicker steering, and also aesthetically creates some air around the rear wheel.

So rather than go off and spend a fortune on new rear shocks, after an OSS member sent me this, and a speculative Facebook post to my many friends who have engineering talents (and machining ability) and a plan was hatched to make up some of these.

clevis extension.jpeg

These would give a 40mm rise – So I ordered some Aluminium stock from eBay and it made it’s way from Poland into the hands of the lovely Andy the Pugh who had offered to make up the adapters at 30mm. If these worked we could try, 35mm or 40mm later.

These turned up about a week later.


The best-laid plans and all that. They matched the Ohlins well, but the reduction in extension from 40mm to 30mm meant that they would not fit the overly tall suspension boss on the swingarm as the centers were out by quite a ways. If only I had measured that bit!!

Plan two was formed with Andy suggesting that the amount of machining work could be reduced by simplifying the design. After a couple of weeks of back and forth, I was sent this by an Australian member of  OSS – it showed clearly that the clevis itself could be removed from the shock.

clevis .jpeg

So Andy decided that the best approach was to get the clevis off and replace it with one he made … only longer.  Here’s his design.

Extended Lug.jpg

A week later, I have the shocks back. 40mm longer


Best get them fitted to the bike then. Much Heath Robinson moments in the garage involving racketing up the rear end to give the space needed to fit the shocks. We had them on the bike.





A much more aggressive stance … BUT will it work! I can already see that we are marginal on the chain run. This may cause issues with chain wearing the swingarm … so we may have to move the swingarm pivot! Only time will tell!