Sol's Katana Blog

Adventures of an idiot building a custom GSX1100S Katana


I have to say thanks to:

Neil Ronketti – without whose gentle persuasion and sound advice I’d have spent about 20x as much and would never have tried playing with motorcycle electrickery!

Cambridge Motorcycles – Thanks to Spike and Phil for putting up with my constant badgering “Is it ready yet?”, “Has it arrived yet!”.   Without their expertise, most of the heavy lifting and difficult mods wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t send my bikes anywhere else, and over the years we’ve become very close friends.

OSS – Old Skool Suzuki Members. The only worthwhile internet resource for people who want to mod and build anything based on Suzuki Motorcycles. Amazing bunch of peeps hanging out on the forum ready to help out – just remember the rules :o) You’ll find my build thread in the Members Projects section here.

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